Photographs anything from ants to elephants and everything in between.

motto:  ”nothing is impossible”

A photographer who´s passion is more art like than commercial.

…but I have to live too so here is a list of my commercial side:







-bands (from classical to hard rock)

-teaching (B&W and Pinhole photography)

Photographer Rune Snellman says that even though he easily gets along with people, he finds it difficult to photograph them. Such shyness presents an almost irresolvable dilemma for an artist interested in character portrayal.

Snellman resolved the problem in the simplest way possible: he started by photographing his own family, and then continued using himself as the subject.

The artist wants to emphasise that his approach lays emphasis on man’s feminine side.He depicts nudity in motifs which the male artist has for centuries used for positioning women as if they were imprisoned by the masculine gaze. By using himself as the subject Snellman has also found a way to criticise the stereotypical ideal male of the media culture. When Rune Snellman extended his range of subjects beyond his family and himself, he nevertheless continued to follow the principle of proximity. For several years already, his main motif has been his hometown portrayed in different seasons of the year. While living in Jyväskylä, he, as it were, takes field trips to his hometown accompanied by his camera. In this regard, his approach is akin to that of the derivé practice of the French Situationists, wherein familiar urban surroundings are being explored from new perspectives.

The points of view adopted in Snellman’s urban sceneries fall into three categories: settings that are entirely urban, those focusing on the intersection between the urban and the nature, and those predominated by nature. In his series of works entitled Tämä on minun kaupunkini (“This is my City”), he transferred photographs taken with a pinhole camera into a computer and furnished them with text. Then, he printed them out on canvas. The end result is like a banderol on which the artist manifests his sentiments towards his hometown while mixing photography with media art.

Rune Snellman is a specialist in pinhole camera photography. Using an old method allows him to meditatively approach his subject, distantiating it into a dreamlike chiaroscuro atmosphere. His photographs of the recent years, such as those of the Urban to Desert series, are landscape photos of his home region taken with a digital camera, some of which also portray distant lands. Using computer manipulation, the artist has combined several photos into a single huge panoramic landscape. This visual effect furnishes even an ordinary landscape with a wondrous appeal and sublime atmosphere.

Hannu Castrén 2010

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